I was listening to “Believe,” Lecrae’s second track on Church Clothes 2 (if you haven’t heard it yet, I’ll pray for ya) and a line stuck out to me. It goes: “What would it take to make you believe? More fire from the sky, another parting of the sea?” As Christians, what makes us believe in Jesus? If the Lord miraculously parted the Gulf of Mexico like he did the Red Sea, thousands of people would believe in Jesus. It wouldn’t take but a divine miracle straight from Heaven to see the true proof of God-but I hate using the word “proof” because I don’t want this to sound like a science blog. We know God is present because he has revealed himself to us throughout humanity: Romans 1:20-“For since the creation of the world his indivisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are that they are without excuse.” Where does your believing begin and where does it end?

The true beginning of our belief in Jesus is our acceptance of him into our heart-duh. One could obviously argue that you can not have accepted Jesus into your heart but still believe he is there, but if this is the case, you aren’t experiencing Jesus. What separates those who believe in Jesus and those who follow Jesus? It’s faith. Where is your faith? If everyone denied Jesus and you were the last person on Earth who was striving daily for a personal relationship with Jesus, would you still follow him? It’s a faith thing.

I love the Gospels. Jesus day in and day out transforms the minds of those who both follow and rebuke him. Matthew 18:2-4 is a passage in where Jesus is answering the disciples question about who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Jesus says, “unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.” Like I said, it’s amazing how he says something you wouldn’t expect him to, yet it turns out to make perfect sense. Remember when you were a child and you couldn’t cross the street unless you looked to the left, the right, and back to the left? And if you were like me, you probably had to hold your parents or older sibling’s hand as you walked across. Why don’t we do that with Jesus when we cross streets of bad circumstances, tempting situations, or foreign mountains? This isn’t to say you should just rely on Jesus in the bad times. Child like faith is holding Jesus’s hand in every situation, no matter how big or small. Jesus says in verse 4 we need to humble ourselves as a little child. This goes against everything in our culture; the act of putting yourself after someone. But, we know that a life following Christ is a life that doesn’t take into account what the world says about us. Every scientific fact, proof, and doctrine that says God doesn’t exist can be summarized in one of my favorite bible verses: Hebrews 11:1-“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Faith, how we live out our life and show that we are the hands and feet of Christ, is the evidence of God. Whether or not we choose to live diligently and be intentional with others is whether or not the world will believe. The story of the disciples walking on water from Matthew 14 is a good spiritual marker for me. If you aren’t familiar with the story, the disciples are on a boat right after feeding the five thousand when they see Jesus walk on water towards them. They were afraid. Peter, unsure of whether or not it was Jesus, tests him by asking him to command Peter to walk on the water. Peter steps out of the boat and immediately the wind starts blowing and he’s beginning to sink. Much like any of us when this situation figuratively happens in our lives, we immediately begin to question. We get uneasy and think of how we made a wrong decision, sure that God has abandoned us. Lecrae says this about faith…”We fear circumstances so much because we fear God so little.” And it’s so true. We don’t fear God enough to trust entirely in his perfect purpose in our life. In Verse 31-32 of the passage, Jesus says, “‘O you of little faith, why did you doubt?’ And when they got into the boat, the wind ceased.”

Where is your faith? Is it where it needs to be? Is it a faith that makes non-believers question their non-belief, or is it something that you need to sharpen yourself on? I’m praying for you reading this. We as the church, the body of believers that carry on the mission of Christ, need to develop this child like faith and live to only please the father. Jesus is all you need in this life that disappears like a vapor of water; we need him every minute of every day. I struggle with faith, I love to question God’s authority over my life. But it’s crucial, and our faith is a form of worship to God. We, as finite beings, need a faith in a supernatural and omniscient God. Thanks for your 5 minutes.


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