“My mouth shall tell of Your righteousness and Your salvation all the day, for I do not know their limits.” Psalm 71:15

What can be done without God? Have you ever thought about it? I’m talking about really thought about it. We know what Philippians 4:13 says and how Jesus tells us in the New Testament how “nothing is impossible with him.” This doesn’t mean I still reason in and out what God can do. If it sounds like a logical thought, I think he can probably do it. If it seems like something a human probably can’t do, I assume it probably can’t be done. I can pray for my unsaved friends or family to come to Jesus, for the homeless man Monroe I talked with after the Hawks game to find joy in the Lord, or for my future that I want to know all about to be solved in an easy “5 step plan” to be solved in a 5 step plan. Let’s pray for what we need and trust in a LIMITLESS God. I’m talking about a crazy, will-never-go-wrong, can’t-put-in-a-box, could-never-limit-you, AMAZING SAVIOR! I pray for God to do things and sometimes expect myself to make it happen, to make whatever situation I’m dealing with work; like my walk with Christ, my behavior, my attitude is dependent upon what God can do. I don’t know what God can’t do. His righteousness, his salvation, have NO limits! They don’t begin and they don’t end; they simply last forever. Why worry about my prayer request when I trust in a God that doesn’t begin and doesn’t end? This verse is CRAZY insane! What a friend we have in God. If you profess God’s righteousness and tell of his salvation, what can’t he do? We serve a God that doesn’t have limits. Man that’s awesome.


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