The Mask

In my One Year Chronological Bible, I’ve recently been in the Psalms, where David is communicating his thoughts to God. Throughout the Psalms, whether he praises or questions God, he is very real with God. David puts his mask down when he talks to God, being as true in his prayer as he can be. We all have masks. But what’s important in our prayer life is that we lay our masks down when talking with God.

Through our everyday life, we put on masks. We mask our shortcomings, our iniquities; anything that we don’t want people to see, we cover it up with masks. For different people in your life, you might be wearing a different mask. With our communication with God, it’s no different. Instead of coming to him as simple as we are, mere human beings, we want to hide our frustration, our weakness, or anything that hinders us from truly communicating with him in the purest form. I think part of this is that the church has painted a bad picture for us. Maybe it’s that we dress up in suits to make it look like we deserve to go to church. Maybe we lift our hands because everyone else is doing it and it will make us fit in. Or maybe, behind every smile and “Hi, how are you?”, we smile back and let them know everything’s great when it’s really not. I’m not saying dressing up in a suit in a church is bad, or that we shouldn’t lift our hands to the Lord, or that we should tell our life story to someone who asks how we’re doing in the congregation on Sunday. But church has become such a production that we lose the realness of gospel-centered community behind these masks. In the presence of the Lord, I choose to lay everything down that might stop me from speaking with the Lord in an effort to hear his voice.

God isn’t looking for the best Christians, or the one’s who have it all together. He wants us to lay down our masks at the foot of the cross and be real with him, as well as with each other. When we aren’t genuine with each other as well as with the Lord, we lose the transparency that makes the Lord shape us into who we’re supposed to be. God can’t shape you into the person you are destined to be if you can’t communicate with him in the truest form. Proverbs 15:32 says, “Those who disregard discipline despise themselves, but the one who heeds correction gains understanding.” By telling God the way we feel, we’re able to gain understanding. If we can’t tell others around us our truest feelings, how are we going to properly communicate with an all-knowing God who already knows our feelings? He knows what you’re feeling regardless; he’s just looking for you to tell the truth.

You and I were made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). He knew exactly what he was doing as he was making you; what your strengths and weaknesses are, and who you are supposed to be. Just as David did some thousands of years ago, we need to let God know our truest thoughts, wherever it may be. By being 100% transparent with the Lord, we’re able to hear what the Lord has to say to us in response. I encourage you this week, whether you write down your thoughts to the Lord, speak them aloud, play them through a song, etc., to communicate to him exactly what you’re feeling. Be transparent with the Lord, and he will speak to you.

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